Robert Cargo

Self-taught, visionary, and outsider artists of the South
African-American quilts Haitian spirit flags

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After 30 years of continuous operation, the Robert Cargo Folk Art Gallery has closed.

I am pleased to announce the December 2013 gift of the Robert Cargo Folk Art Collection and the Robert and Helen Cargo African American Quilt Collection to the Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama. It is my hope that this gift honors the life-long passion of my parents as well as the creative spirits of these artists. May their shared legacy be enjoyed and celebrated for generations to come.  Please see the HOME PAGE for additional details.

Caroline Cargo

Rev. Herman Hayes (1923 - )

Rev. Hayes lives in West Virginia and has been a Methodist minister for over thirty years.  His intricate wood carvings range in size from small people on toothpicks and golf tees to figures six feet tall.   The miniature people, each with distinctive individual faces, are frequently in church or sports stadium settings.  Rev. Hayes prefers to use basswood and buckeye, left in their natural finish.

Reference: Sellen, Self Taught, Outsider, and Folk Art, 2000