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Self-taught, visionary, and outsider artists of the South
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After 30 years of continuous operation, the Robert Cargo Folk Art Gallery has closed.

I am pleased to announce December 2013 gift of the Robert Cargo Folk Art Collection and the Robert and Helen Cargo African American Quilt Collection to the Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama. It is my hope that this gift honors the life-long passion of my parents as well as the creative spirits of these artists. May their shared legacy be enjoyed and celebrated for generations to come.  Please see the HOME PAGE for additional details.

Caroline Cargo

Williams' home in Shreveport was filled with paintings
 from wall to wall.
  Chuckie "Artist Chuckie" Williams (1957 - 1999)

"Artist Chuckie" Williams began drawing at an early age and continued to produce art throughout his life.   His favorite subjects were celebrities -- television talk show hosts, music video stars, athletes, and the like.  Using found materials, he created double-sided portraits in bold colors, often with added glitter, on large pieces of plywood and cardboard.  He died at age 42 at home in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Our main inventory of photos is divided into three sections.   Please follow these links to view photos. See below for a special collection of Chuck Williams portraits of Michael Jackson, Jackson family members, and friends.


A Special Tribute to Michael Jackson
Portraits of Michael, the Jackson Family, and Friends
by "Artist Chuckie" Williams

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most paintings are double-sided





Michael with Pepsi / Fish
in chipboard; 36 x 22
ca. 1985-90


Michael in red / The Boys
in fiberboard; 44 x 26
ca. 1985-90








Michael in yellow / Flowers 
in chipboard; 48 x 24
ca. 1985-90

  Michael and Madonna / Bobby Brown
1/8 in plywood; 48 x 16
ca. 1985-90





Michael and Madonna / Another Bad Creation,
1/4 inch plywood, 24 x 24
ca. 1985-90
  Moon Walk Michael / unfinished drawing of birds,
1/8 inch wood panel, 20 x 33
ca. 1985-90




Jermaine Jackson (single-sided),
posterboard, 14 x 11, unsigned
ca. 1990
  Janet Jackson / The Party Machine,
posterboard, creased, 28 x 22
ca. 1990






Miss Janet / Sonny and Cher,
cardboard, 16 x 15-1/2
ca. 1985-90
  Smokey Robinson / Johnny Gill,
posterboard (creased), 28 x 22
ca. 1990





Magic Johnson / unidentified (Cher?),
old wood cabinet door, 24 x 18
ca. 1990-95
  Oprah Winfrey / Atlantic Starr,
old canvas board, 24 x 18, unsigned
ca. 1990-95



Reference: Sellen, Self Taught, Outsider, and Folk Art, 2000